I am a researcher + embodiment?performance?acting?artist who thinks about + responds to contemporary cultures of teaching / learning / knowledge sharing, and their entanglements with colonial hegemony, trauma, and inheritance, and more recently, their ties to hate violence, by questioning systems + developing tools to encourage questioning.


This website builds directly off the website of my friend/mentor/beloved community member, Emma Werowinski.

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I'm currently researching...

organizing ecosystems, transnational solidarity, anti-colonial resistance, labor-related violence, inherited trauma...

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I regularly produce pieces for SAALT that reflect on issues of caste, immigration, hate violence, and queerness as they relate to the South Asian American diaspora.

View a fact sheet and zine I made that provides an overview of trends in South Asian migration along the U.S. Southern Border here.

View a
Campus Workshop Guide I made on combating Islamophobia and hate in college spaces here.

View my pieces reporting on Islamophobic and xenophobic hate incidents in the U.S. here.

View a
piece I made providing key information from a July 9 decision affecting international students with visas here.

View our report and research mapping the disparate impact of COVID-19 on South Asian communities across the United States here as a map, here as a report, or here as a series of video testimonials.

To see my editorial work, read SAALT's blog, Voices from the Communityhere.

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August 2019

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This report details research conducted on the Center for Complexity regarding its relationship to racial justice movements happening within its parent community at the Rhode Island School of Design.


View this document here

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May 2019

This digital publication documents my year-long thesis endeavor to study my relationship to labor and productivity within the postcolonial contexts of my university community. Looking at the effects of hegemonic systems on my relationships with people, environments, and the objects that bring the two together, I use this collection of actions, performances, and portraits to construct a subjective and semi-biographical narrative concerning labor politics within maker/artist/designer workspaces.

View my thesis here.

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December 2018

View Vol. XX Issue I & older editions here.

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March 2018

What does it mean to bring the language of the internet into academic settings – especially when dealing with discussions on identity? In response to a professor (and class) that used colonial and xenophobic ideas to teach design, I delivered a guerrilla lecture about the value of imagery, humor, and respect to contrast the professor's own blasé treatment of neocolonialist and anti-Native structural violence.

Read the article here. The lecture's supplemental materials are available upon request.


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Wherever I Can;
Knowledge Sharing Ecosystems & Spaces

In the communities I flow with/through/beyond, I reflect on how we help one another grow through knowledge sharing and absorption.

In previous spaces, I have organized gatherings and dialogues for collective inquiry, including potluck critiques, workshops on storytelling through craft, and pedagogical exercises for discussions of racial justice in arts academia.

I'm currently working on a tool to facilitate the weaving of "undoing" and "creating" in movement spaces with Kaajal Shah and Nouf Bazaz as part of my work with SAALT.

View my community education programming on the roads to abolition for SAALT here, and reach out if you'd like to see workshops on...

combatting anti-Black racism;

unlearning caste supremacy; 

solidarity with occupied lands & their people;

land, labor, & (im)migration intersections;

transnational solidarity & the indian farmers protests; or

land-based justice meditations.

I'm also currently working with Caroline Woolard and Nati Conrazon on art.coop, and with Dan Taeyoung and Luana Marques Soares (as well as Caroline) on a report on the futures of art-based learning in co-ops as a part of Caroline & Dan's work with AmbitioUS.

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At SAALT, I help research strategies and issues for advocacy (both in grassroots and political spaces) reflecting on issues of caste, immigration, hate violence, Islamophobia, and queerness as they relate to the South Asian American diaspora.

View our reports on acts of hate here, and read coverage of my research at SAALT by Nitish Pahwa at Slate here. Find more media coverage of my work at the bottom of this webpage.

View SAALT's report, "Unequal Consequences", on the impact of coronavirus on South Asian Americans here as a maphere as a report, or here as a series of video testimonials. The report is also published in Volume 31 (2021) of the Harvard Kennedy School's Asian American Policy Review, available here for purchase.

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Alongside Alliah George, Angeles Fitzpatrick, Danyele Brown, and Eric Padró, I am studying the role of arts institutions in building sustainable communities within Dia Art Foundation's Education Department. More information on our research is available upon request.

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March 2019 - December 2019

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This publication, designed by Maddie Woods and put forth by the Center for Complexity, documents the research and analysis of Charlotte ClementTim Maly and myself at a convening led by PopTech.

View Maddie's compilation of our findings here.



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May 2020 - December 2020

Lacing, Grids + Kitchen 'Craft'

I'm in the middle of digesting + figuring out a project that involves lace-making, netting, map-making, and the crafts involved in cooking/growing/farming/eating. Its fruits are yet to be determined, but will likely delve into themes of 'masculinity', 'ownership', environmental occupation, inheritance, etc.

See pictures of the lacing & grids I'm working on here. See pictures of the food I've been making here.

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This is an on-going labor/resource exchange system that attempts to rebalance understandings of different forms of productivity (physical, mental, emotional).

Its first iteration took place at the Rhode Island School of Design between 2018 and 2019, and is a part of "artifacts 314-520: Labor Politics in the Studio".


You can view the zine that documents my work with the Department of Furniture Design and the class of 2019 here.

You can visit my collaborators' webpages below:

hannah bartlett                   harry cassell

clayton cottingham       adam hunt fertig
becca ford                     anya gupta     

makoto kumasaka        marc librizzi
adrienne may                
jacob miller
max pratt                      monel reina        

alicia wang                        soo joo 
valeria buttaci rincon   
tom caycedo
dan cha                         kira dekhayser        

haojun 'frank' gong      sisi zhang           
bea mandel                   
rowan mccallister      
jon ng                           elena ralls        

rowan shaw-jones        lotte walworth     
irene wei                      
yuning 'ruby' zhu

The second iteration took place at the Center for Complexity, and was titled Slumber Party. Its primary documentation is not available without direct inquiry to all participants, whose emails are as follows:

Jess Brown              theladyjbrown@gmail.com

Eury Kim                 eury.christina.kim@gmail.com

Sophie Engel            sengel@risd.edu
Madeline Woods      mwoods@risd.edu
Charlotte Clement    cclement@risd.edu
Irina Wang                iwang03@risd.edu

S Suryanarayanan    ssuryana@alumni.risd.edu

Its secondary documentation, in the form of the reasoning provided for the Center for Complexity to 'allow' this event, is available here.

The third iteration, known as Filed Work, is an ongoing project at Dia Art Foundation, that aims to unpack the relationships between arts institutions, anti-institutional artists, and their inherent coexistence.

It was originally scheduled to culminate in July 2020; due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Filed Work has been indefinitely postponed.

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Collaborative Apprenticeship

May 2019

*Part of "artifacts 314-520: Labor Politics in the Studio"*


box & lid is the final piece in the series "artifacts 314-520", & addresses questions of labor and productivity, packaging them in a circular and self-referential moment where each relies on the other to be discussed or even exist.​

See pictures of box & lid here.

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May 2019

*Part of "artifacts 314-520: Labor Politics in the Studio"*

The Big Tarlatan is the last soft ground intaglio etching in the series "artifacts 314-520" and examines the realities of continuing one's own creative practice while still working as a part-time studio assistant for my peers.

See pictures of The Big Tarlatan here.


March 2019

*Part of "artifacts 314-520: Labor Politics in the Studio"*


artifacts 103-201 is a collection of miniature soft ground intaglio etchings that use tarlatan to materially map the movements of makers in the studio. ​​It builds on the language of its predecessor, mold friend (below), examining the elements of physical studio spaces that encourage and support healthy maker practices.

See pictures of artifacts 103-201 here.

artifact 428b.jpg

January 2019

This is a combination of intaglio prints and graphite drawings which explore the relationship between the pipes of construction, innards, and systems of thinking. The intaglio prints exaggerate the relationship of the understructure of the chair, Mold Friend, whose portraits are on the right of the prints.

Each print and drawing is named for/after its recipient -- thus, there are no 'unclaimed' or 'lonely' Pipes [4].

See in-progress pictures of Pipes 4 Mold Friend, Harry, Marc, and Anya here.

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December 2018

*Part of "artifacts 314-520: Labor Politics in the Studio"*


An exhibition of how labor can both be beautiful and capable of deteriorating over time, mold friend is an autobiographical timestamp of its making process, a transparent reflection of my maker instincts -- as well as a representation of how one can leave emotional unstable work environments and create safe havens of one's own.

Meet mold friend here.

May 2018

Fifi is a metal portrait, brought to life from Bahman Mohasses's drawings of the same character, "howling with happiness" -- and from my own reimaginations of Fifi (below).

See Fifi with her with her friends here.


March 2018

Bear Trap

Bear Trap is a pedagogical exercise and sculpture, developed specifically to augment Tyler Inman's curricular practice.

You can experience Bear Trap by reaching out to me at srutisury@gmail.com.


December 2017

Built by hand, Bentwood Sled / Sehnsucht is carefully tended to since conception, remaining with its owner until it is worn down; thus it is an ongoing project awaiting its 'completion'.


View pictures of Bentwood Sled / Sehnsucht here.

November 2017


Inspired by Bahman Mohasses's Fifi Howls with Happiness, this series presents a mixed-media exploration of his void of a figure. Fifi has since become an extension with which to simultaneously bring together my multiple selves (who may not always see one another...).

See my portraits of Fifi here.


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May 2021


research & communications @ saalt

community & communications @ art.coop

research & writing @ [to be named]

education fellow @ dia art foundation

design fellow @ center for conscious design


labyrinth books, bookseller + events

center for complexity, social equity researcher

dance/nyc, justice programs asst

visions magazine, co-editor in chief

risd, community engagement coordinator

bruce high quality foundation university, summer asst

providence children's museum, programs fellow

chitra ganesh studio, web asst

resume here


coverage of my work with saalt:
      in Huffington Post 

      in The Guardian here

      in The Atlantic here

      in Slate here